Self and Society
A course in the psychology of the social...
and the sociology of the personal.

This course is designed to provide you with an interdisciplinary understanding of a topic which continues to fascinate sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists and political theorists: the relationships between individuals and the social environments in which they live. The study of the mutually-influential interactions between Self and Society help explain: (1) the impact of one individual on another individual, (2) the impact of a group on its individual members, (3) the impact of individual members on their group, and, (4) the impact of groups on one another. Such an understanding of the processes which link the priorities of individuals with those of the social systems into which they are socialized helps explain social phenomenon as varied as: social problems, social norms and values, moral and political change, identity politics, organizational practices, and interpersonal and cross-cultural conflict. The study of human behavior embedded in this course will be of value to students in a variety of academic areas...including sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology and social work, corporate management, public administration, history, philosophy, and law. A vital module of the course is a study of the causes of conflicts in personal, local, national and international settings...and the means available for conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

The teaching tools used in this course include text, video, and web resources. Regular attendance is a vital requirement of the course, so prospective students are asked that they ensure their schedules will permit their full participation.
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Research Interests:
Civility, courtesy and citizenship; self, socialization and society;
social change and historical sociology; social and political theory; social problems; sociology of intimate
relationships and families; globalization, cross-cultural and civilizational sociology.

No man (or woman) is an island...
John Donne

Some of the topics covered during this course.
(Include text, video and web).

Understanding Process Sociology and Self-Society Studies
Cross-cultural Views of the Socialization Process
Theoretical Perspectives in Studies of Human Society and Interaction,
Subjective Interactionism, The Role of Symbols in Human Society, Taking on the Role of the Other and Socialization, The Presentation of Self
Social Beliefs and Judgments: Behaviors and Attitudes, Gender and Culture, Conformity, Persuasion, Group Influence, Prejudice and Dislike of Others, Aggression and Violence, Altruism and Helping Others, Attraction, Intimacy and Love
The Role of Emotions, Pride and Shame in Interactions
Individualism and Communalism
Conflict and Peacemaking
Cross-cultural and Cross-civilizational Conflict
Globalization and Its Effects on Personal and Group Identity

Self and Society Course Readings

Major Personality Theories: From Freud to Frankl

Albert Bandura's Reciprocal Determinism Theory

Georg Simmel on Interaction and Society

Herbert Mead

Complete Text of Herbert Mead's 'Mind, Self and Society'.

Charles Horton Cooley's 'The Looking Glass Self'

Self and Society Web Resources

Cultural Studies

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