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Conversation Salon

Where ideas, wit, social caring, civility
and inspiring conversations exist in a real-life setting.

"There are no uninteresting things.
There are only uninterested people."
G. K. Chesterton

Some of us are not satisfied with just staying home, watching TV and surfing.
We seek the satisfaction and inspiration of face-to-face conversations about
topics that are enlightening and relevant.
We also welcome the warmth and friendships that follow from such encounters.

Those who come to The Charlottetown Conversation Salon
welcome all types of responsibly argued ideas and insights,
seek to understand the world in which they live and the
great ideas that have emerged from sincere minds,
believe that it is useful to think about the betterment of society,
and feel energized sharing with one another in a good-humored,
tolerant and caring sanctuary that transcends the ordinary.

While we avoid circular arguments about 'political' issues,
we do encourage discussions of social ideals. Our purpose is
to learn how to talk to one another about what matters to us...
and learn to listen to and respect what matters to others.

Founder of the Salon and Your Host:
Dr. Benet Davetian
Sociologist, Novelist and Essayist.

Listed in Canadian Who's Who for his contributions
to Canadian culture, literature, sociology and communications.

Author of 'Civility - A Cultural History,'
'The Seventh Circle' (Richler Prize for the Best Book of the Year),
'The Montreal Experience,' 'Reprieve in Sarajevo' and other works
of nonfiction and fiction.

The Gatherings:
Once every three weeks,
from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Refreshments and desserts are served during the evening.

Gatherings are organized to be dynamic as well as intimate.
Normally, each room has a maximum of 15 individuals.

Special Guests:
We occasionally invite musicians, writers,
artists and lecturers to present and discuss their work with us.

The Duties of the Salon Host:

Announce the discussion topic to members prior to the evening.
Select the topic according to the interests previously expressed by members.
Introduce the topic and get the conversation started.
Provide a minimum amount of moderation, and ensure that the
founding standards of the Salon are preserved and conversations
guided in a manner that protects and represents the dignity of all participants.

The Standard of the Salon:
We try to recreate (in a contemporary and informal context)
the energy and relevance of the Salons of previous eras...
gatherings that had an important influence on social progress.
So we welcome people of all persuasions and disfavor
the formation of 'cliques.' The only requirement for attendance
is sincerity and an interest in expressing your views and insights
while remaining appreciative of those of others.

'The History and Meaning of Conversation Salons
by Benet Davetian

Guidelines for Participants
please read before making a reservation


by Benet Davetian

Some of the Praise for CIVILITY: A Cultural History

"Benet Davetian’s scintillating tour de force fills a gaping void
in the history of ideas..."
* P.M. Forni, Professor, Johns Hopkins University.
Author of Choosing Civility: The 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct



THE SEVENTH CIRCLE by Benet Davetian

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The Montreal Gazette: "Once in a rare while, you encounter a mesmerizing writer who makes the art of storytelling look effortless...exquisitely crafted tales focusing on themes of political persecution, human suffering and displacement...an expert in narrative pacing....subtle ability to probe the Jekyll-Hyde reality of human nature.
A memorable and eloquent book that should be a strong contender for the QSPELL, a Governor-General's and the Prix Parizeau."

Canadian Fiction Magazine: "One cannot stop reading once one has started."

The Mirror: "A powerful work. Distinctly Davetian."


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